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Policijsko nasilje v centru za tujce Postojna. Več.


Tukaj smo

05. januar 2021


I would like to begin my words with great regret for the Republic of Slovenia, for the policies it pursues towards immigrants, which is to treat them as losers and backward people. All because we are trying to achieve our ambition for a new life, escaping persecution or escaping from wars. But I would like to say that in the heart of these immigrants there are unspeakable talents, their countries mourn for their departure. But in trying to realize our dreams, we are exposed to the strongest psychological and racial pressures, simply because we are without papers. When a person comes out of his mother’s womb he does not come out with papers, his life cannot be limited to the place in which he is born, or the place in which he grew up.

I would like to recount the facts from the immigration deportation center, where policemen are racing to be the strongest, using all the methods of racism, psychological pressure and physical force against immigrants. These facts are apparent to us, but are never revealed due to their uncertainty. An incident occurred here in the center where two people were taken to single rooms for no reason. The police even beat an immigrant by using the mafia method of covering up - using gloves to not leave fingerprints and changing all the victim's things to wipe traces of blood, beating him inside the bathroom because there are no cameras, and not calling the doctor so that there is no evidence from him. And all this in alliance with the senior official. They come to speak with us in a group with loud voice in order to instill fear in our hearts. We emigrated to escape this kind of treatment, but now we face worse conditions. I would like to say that we are all human, the only difference lies in the papers and place of birth.