Trade in the name of humanity in postojna prison

I am an immigrant who aspired to freedom and life in dignity. I was a good citizen and had a wife and children, but I had to leave my home. I started my journey to Europe in Turkey and my first stop was Greece. But Greece doesn’t respect human rights, they are trading immigrants for foreign currency. I call it a country without humanity. It is trading with the people who flee from there.

So I escaped Greece and I came to Albania. Albanian people are loving, cooperative and humanitarian. They helped me and treated me like human being.

From there I continued to Monte Negro and from there to Bosnia. Bosnian people were very nice and honorable. But after that we entered the murderous land of Croatia. They are trading with immigrants for European money, 100 eur for a piece, to keep us out of the big border. We thought all this will end in Slovenia, that’s why we asked for international protection. Slovenian people are very good with refugees, but the government took our freedom by imprisoning us in the detention camp Postojna. They stripped us of our rights and insulted our dignity, again just to get money from european funds. They forget everything about humanity, dignity and international magnanimity and they made migration a bussiness. I am a refugee, not a product.

Slovenian people, do you like this system where the government takes freedom of innocent people and trades with people like with objects?