Stop genocide in Palestine: a speech

A speech from the press conference Stop genocidu v Palestini/Stop genocide in Palestine, which was held yesterday, friday 21.5.2021 in Ljubljana and was brutally interrupted by special police forces:


first of all I want to thank everyone who came here today to support Palestinians and stand up to Israeli terrorism.
Shame on anyone who supports Israel, because what is happening in Palestine is a genocide and a crime against humanity.
I want to know what is the fault of innocent people who were killed in the last two weeks, what is the fault of children who were killed by the terrorist Israeli army?
We should make a move and stand up against terrorism, because Palestinian lives matter and they should matter to every human being.
Every Palestinian here has a family in Gaza and every night since the Israeli bombing started we just pray that nothing happens to any of them.
We feel angry and powerless that there is nothing we can do and just imagine how it feels when we saw that the Slovenian prime minister decided to publicly support Israel and its crimes with putting up their flag on the government building.

Imagine every part of your lives being controlled by Israeli terror – the checkpoints, the constant fear, the access to drinking water and to the sea, the access to healthcare and education, the right to travel and to even exist.
Imagine someone knocking at your door, deciding to throw you out of your house where you’ve been living for generations and occupy it.
Out of self-defence Palestinians throw stones and Israelis answer with bombs, killing hundreds of people. And some people and politicians still stand behind Israel and say they have the right to defend themselves. Bombing children in their homes is not self defence, its terrorism and genocide! We cant breathe since 1948 when Israel was created by the help of Europe who says it stands for human rights and America who says it stands for freedom.
How many more of us have to die?

For the end I would just like to say this – Israel has terrorised us since the day we were born and killed too many of our families and friends. But it never killed our will to resist and liberate Palestine, it just made it stronger!
We have to stand for our rights, Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and Palestine will be free from the river to the sea!

X, Palestine

(photo by Komunal 2.0 )