A letter from a 15 years old girl from Iran

“This is the fifth time I have written. I want to summarise, but is it possible to summarise all these atrocities?

I am also one of the Mahsa. Our pain is so much that words and sentences cannot describe it.

Here it is a crime to be a woman, freedom is a crime, equality is a crime, and freedom of speech is a crime… Living in Iran is a crime. Being cruel is not a crime.

You are not treated as a human being here, especially as a woman. They treat us as if we were their slaves.

I and others in Iran die every day. You cannot imagine how much they torture us, how much they restrict us, how many Mahsas they kill, how many crimes they commit in the name of Islam, how much they take away our rights, and how much they shoot with guns at freedom-loving people.

You cannot imagine how many lives they have taken, how much genocide they have committed, how much they oppress women, and how much suffering they have caused us.
The question that is bothering me is this: If I want to live, do I have to die?

I lose my brothers and sisters one by one for the sake of freedom, and what I am left with are the lifeless bodies of my martyred brothers and sisters on the path of justice and freedom, killed by the corrupt and dirty Islamic Republic.
The policemen who are supposed to make us feel safe are shooting and killing us, but we don’t surrender.

Our revolution has just begun, and we are taking our country back.
Please, please be our voice.
Woman, life, liberty
Man, Homeland, Prosperity” 

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