How I opened a bike shop…

It just happened

I love bikes. Riding bikes,fixing bikes, taking care of the bikes in general . Where I grew up, we had 12 months of good weather per year, so I could ride a bycicle all days and nights. I was going to work with my bike, and later in the day my bike would take me around with my friends to have fun and spend some good time.

From an early age I was working in a garage. I was fixing refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and bycicles. My friends would start to hand out in my work place, asking me to teach them how to work on their bycicles. So I was teaching them. It was fun, to have friends around for fixing bikes together.

Since I’m living in Slovenia, I didin’t have many chances to use my knowledge. I was helping out guys in asylum home, but I’m not living there anymore since I got status. And I didn’t have tools either. So a few months ago I asked in Ambasada Rog if they can help me. They found me a small room in Factory Rog and I made it into a bike repairing workshop. Friends helped me. And now I can do the same like before. Sometimes people donate me old bikes and we fix them togehter and give to our friends who need them. I’m very happy to work with bikes and to help all the people.

L., Eritrea