can you live with worst fears?
pressure , stress more than everyday common worries ?if you want to know how i feel, i have a question for you
can you live with worst fears everyday?
i asked myself many times this question in my life.
For me , the answer has always been a simple one . NO i can’t
so the reason that I’m alive and writing this note is this.
sometimes i think about my life , to this long and tragic story, it was as if some part of me wanted this long, hard and sad story, maybe i was that psychotic patient who was looking for a sad story like this.
and that’s not the only guess in mind who is standing behind the red light at the intersection.
millions of speculations come to my mind every day, and in the end , its path to epistemological philosophy…
the story of kourdish rural childhood in northwestern Iran, the place where you can only see mountains, where in my childhood i thought the world was as much.
the maze throughout the story was as drastic as the change of my location.
a sad and mad story who was equal or worse than Voltaire story or Fyodor Dostoevsky but with a big different thing.
my story is free of content and absurd.
who can remember my story in the future?
the story of a child whose talent and intelligence fell victim to blind ideals . his passion for success in many fields was sacrificed for discrimination.
and in the end, all of his pleasure were at once a victim of the coldblooded, selfish sule of rules and dictators….
now i am 29 years old and to meet the simplest needs of a human being, the natural right of every human being, I’ve been struggling for 6 months and they don’t even see me, even if i was cockroach they could see me…
what a humiliating more than this?
everyday stress and struggle just and just to get governments attention to meet the simplest human need.
now tell me who can remember my story?
the story of a 29 years old man who is thousands of miles away from home and his family and his friends and he didn’t do anything special except running and leaving because of fear of dying…
if you want to know how i feel, i have question for you
can you live with fear?
my answer is no
as dumb and pointless as my existence is important to these people.
now what is your answer?

X, Iran