Hello, we are immigrants in Slovenia from deferent countries.
We are locked up in the closed camp in Postojna, we are in a terrible situation. This is a violation of immigrat’s international rights. They put us in a closed place, some people have been here 28 days and others 25 days without knowing what will happen with us.

They take out some and leave some in, even though we have the same case and were arrested in the same circumstances. There is no logic and no law. Some leave without proof of identity, while others are sentenced to three months.

There’s patients here and the medical care is not good, some friends are scared about what will happen with us and others are thinking of killing themselves here. Some have tried and sometimes police come inside with dogs – they started attacking a man with the dog, we don’t know why they do that.

Are we criminals to leave us here for three months or more?

We came with all sincerity and goodwill to the Republic of Slovenia to seek international protection, but the opposite happened to us.

We are not criminals – we are humans. The deference between us and other people is just the paper – we are people without papers and that does not mean we are not good people.

We are looking for happiness, freedom, justice, and improving our situation according to every individual situation.

X, Marocco