The journey

People who headed towards Turkey, leaving their families behind; the only possessions they took with them were wallets, fruit, dry fruit, Syrian bread, gloves, phone charger, vitamin box, water bottle… Friends from different countries are bringing along the same dream.

Launching from the border city of Adana, they begin their adventure towards the unknown, a great challenge, the distance of 500 to 600 km is ahead of them. Their bodies are functional and strong, eyes pay attention to every small and large thing that comes their way, ears analyse every sound, fear of barking dogs who can surprise them on their way between the alleys of small towns, or residents, who rush to call police, wishing to end their journey. But with determination and will, they hurry to escape or to hide until things calm down, then they continue their path, only to find giant mountains waiting for them. But they stand in front of that mountains and don’t get afraid, they climb it without thinking of their health. Because their only concern is to cross to the other side.

Then comes the night and they sleep out in the open, their cover is the sky and their bed is a freezing cold that sneaks into their bones to eliminate them. In the morning they rise again and continue the journey in forgiveness and praise, remembering their mothers who they migrated for. The idea of their mothers’ happiness recharges them with strength and positive energy that pushes them forward. The road is long and they finish their food, so they pray to God to open the door of goodness to them. He responds to their calls and shows them the land of many fruits that they can eat without destroying people’s property.

After, the heavy rainfall comes and bodies shake from the harshness of the climate, but the will is the fireplace that gives them the heat to resist these conditions.

Ilyas, Algeria