All for one, one for all

It’s true we are refugees, but we are also humans. We are greatful to be alive, to have a chance of better life and a chance to meet new friends. Greetings from my side to all of you who are citizens and also to you who are still waiting to get asylum, so you can start with a new life.

Us migrants are expecting to get a permission to live here. A residency. This is the basic condition for a normal future. But our happiness is also built by good people, who are helping us in solidarity. So let’s use each other for happiness, let’s help each other, because the world is beautiful if we stand together.

Avarage, kind and brave people in Slovenia are the ones, who form a comunity, which I find as beautiful as a cup of coffee. These are my friends. And since I don’t have a family here, these friends are my new family. I’m happy to have a big family. I’m very greatful to them and when I will one day become a citizen myself, I will also be able to support them. All for one, one for all.

I am a refugee. But I’m learning. I’m getting new experiences. One day I wish to become a citizen. Be good and stay healthy.

Best regards,

Zaher, Afganistan