There was a friend of mine. A good man everybody liked. He spent more than seven years in asylum home. He was working and studying and he never had any problems with the authorities despite the fact slovenian government did not pay any attention to him and obviously, with asylum rejections, didn’t want to address his basic human right for safety. He just continued to work and study and he was a good friend to us who knew him.

After so many years of waiting, his fight for asylum was finished on the court. The decision was issued that he has no right to stay in this country. He was arrested and put into deportation center. Deportation center is a prison. But he commited no crime. Just he didn’t get a right to asylum. Within hours he was transferred to an airport in Austria and was sent back to his country. A country in Africa, unfit for living due to the lack of basic human needs like clean water and food. Or medicine for infectious diseases.

So he left. But he left a wonderful imprint on everyone who knew him. He is a person that deserves to have his story published. To be remembered. Because we all remember him and miss him, even if he is gone for more than two years. I hope that he will have good luck in his country and will be able to settle down. But still our hearts are empty, because we miss that nice man, who always knew how to bring joy into our sad lives. Help me spread this story, as a memory to my friend. Especially the page Tukaj smo, thank you.

S, Syria

(photo was made in Centre for foreigners by A from Algeria)